Staying in a hotel allows you to partake in activities that might not be a part of your normal routine. Here are a few of our top considerations to keep in mind as you kick back and relax in the hotel scene.


Many individuals who don’t usually exercise may feel the inspiration to do so while on vacation. They finally feel well rested and have the extra time, a beautiful setting, and the resources at the hotel gym. Exercise is a great lifestyle habit for individuals with diabetes, but make sure to talk with your diabetes team beforehand if this is a new undertaking for you. Your team will help you to determine what degree of exercise would be appropriate and what considerations you should keep in mind. Our top recommended resource for planning your exercise can be found at


The extreme heat of a Jacuzzi will affect your body’s rate of insulin absorption. Also keep in mind that most medical equipment should not be exposed to the temperatures present in a sauna or Jacuzzi. Ask your diabetes team about their recommendations for high-heat activities.

Room Refrigerators

Hotel refrigerators can be a great resource for keeping insulin cool when you are traveling in a hot place. But don’t forget to check the refrigerator settings! Oftentimes you may need to adjust the settings in order to keep your insulin at an ideal temperature, or to keep it from freezing. And remember not to leave your medications too close to the freezer box!


It’s happy hour at the downstairs bar! You don’t need to avoid the fun, but take a look at our site’s section on alcohol to help you make smart drinking decisions while you are traveling.